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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Easter Cards

I made Easter cards.  Didn’t follow directions nor use diagrams and templates.  That hadn’t worked well before anyway, when I made Valentine’s Day cards.  My blog entry dated February 8, 2011 explains that little learning process.

I’ve been “busy inside my head” for the past few weeks and needed to do something creative and easy to “blow the knots” out of my brain.  Easter cards …perfect solution.

I like the nubby textures and bright, pastel or sparkly shades of card stock papers and the challenge of mixing those to create pleasing visual combinations.  I cut out a few basic shapes, used them for patterns. And felt quite free to use commercially produced stick-on-thingies for decorations.

I suspect that those of you who actually do make gorgeous handmade cards with some degree of skill and artistry are now saying, “Tsk, Tsk…” to yourselves, in despair over my lack of proper card crafting.  My cards are not works of art, definitely not perfect in any way, but I did have fun making them.

When my grandchildren receive them this Easter season, they won’t care that the edges are crooked and that the design work is at best, amateurish.  I expect the card will get a two-second appraisal before being tossed aside in favour of candy eggs and chocolate bunnies.

And wouldn’t we all do the same thing?   Straight to the good stuff!

I enjoyed making the cards and happily thought about each particular grand child as I worked on their individual card.  That’s all that counts! 

Perfection, be damned. 

And my head feels lighter, less full of knots.

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