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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gulls at Parrsboro NS

Gulls wanted to be in the shots I took today at Parrsboro, Nova Scotia.

They weren't afraid of the car or me, as they sat 
on the stony beach...waiting.

These scavengers will have a long wait. 
The take-out restaurant next door
doesn't open until summer.

Or, perhaps, like me, they were enjoying the view
from the shoreline.

Photos are mine.
To learn more about Parrsboro NS, click on the words in red in the blog post.


Gwen Buchanan said...

We met a very interesting fellow from Parrsboro that teaches paragliding.. now I see why with those high bluffs... of course I'm too chicken to try..

I LOVE your gull shots!!

Carol Steel said...

The cliffs at Parrsboro would certainly be great places for gliding, though that holds no appeal to me. The gulls were everywhere. It was impossible to get shots without them in the frame.