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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Cookies Batch Three

Easter Cookies Batch Three

Continuing from my blog yesterday, I am reporting on roll-out sugar cookie progress.

After warming the cookie dough rounds stored in the fridge all night, rolling and cutting the dough with proper Easter Cookie Cutters and stamping them with designs…we bake them. 

“WE”, because Mum came for a visit, now we are both working on this project.

Everything is fine so far.  Remove cookies from the oven, do another round of dough. Completely cool all cookies on the racks.  When they are cool, we begin to decorate.

All ready…the bags of dyed icing, prepared with frosting tips.  First lesson: Don’t use the disposable plastic bags.  One promptly has a blow-out, causing delays while repairs are carried out with duct tape...careful not to allow purple frosting and duct tape to come into contact with one another.  (No Easter-coloured duct tape, gray suffices.)

Much discussion and anxiety about how to decorate, what tips to use, which colours, what designs, where, etc.  We plunge in using an assembly-line method.  Discovery: Heat from our hands melts butter cream frosting inside the decorating bag.  Some tips do not function properly. Or is it the operators?  More discussion.  A tiny glass of wine to facilitate and promote decorating ideas.

Husband wanders in from garage. Unwisely makes dangerous comments about shaky hands and squiggly lines drawn on cookies. “What are you two doing anyway?”  Discussion.  Husband invited to help.  Husband declines invitation to help.  Husband invited to return to garage. Much muttering all round.

Decorating is efficient for a while, assembly line is working.  Again, start to run out of ideas.  Slightly larger portion of wine is poured.  Ideas discussed.  Decision made: Squiggly lines, wonky looking dots deemed to be quite acceptable.  Some discussion about responses one could offer if cookies get too much criticism on Easter Sunday.

Running out of different colours of frosting; using what is left.  Some cookies must now be eaten as some decorating is objectionable.  Imperfect cookies dispatched promptly.

Counting number of people coming to dinner on Easter Sunday.  Counting number of cookies.  Numbers don’t match.  More cookies must be made tomorrow!

Husband strolls through kitchen again, this time wisely declaring that cookies look wonderful and wanting a sample.

What the heck!  More cookies must be made; everyone has cookies and a bit of wine.

All in all, a good afternoon. 

Mum says she had fun!  Might be back tomorrow…


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun was had by all.

Carol Steel said...

Indeed it was! Carol