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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Best Part of This Day

One afternoon this week, I attended a wedding shower for the daughter of a dear friend.  Most of the women are much older than the bride-to-be.  We were all close friends of her mother; her mother, who when she knew she was dying, years ago, asked all of us to continue to stay connected with her children.

Now her daughter, a young woman, talented, beautiful, wise and warm as was her mother, is getting married this Saturday. We gathered to share laughter, love, stories, dreams, tea and sandwiches, to give her gifts and our blessings as she enters this new covenant in her life.

Some of the blessings came in the form of advice.  One woman in our group told a gentle story about how, at a particularly trying time in her marriage, her husband asked her to tell him about the best part of her day.  She told him.  They shared with each other the best parts of their day.  It helped them then. She says that they have been holding that ritual every day since.  It still helps.

My curiosity piqued; so I tried it.

Each evening since the shower, I’ve shared what has been the “best part of the day” with my husband and he, with me.  It is amazing what focusing on a positive moment in the day can bring.

Talking about the best parts of our days eases tension, gives perspective, feels good and tempers frustrations.

It blesses the day that has gone and renews hope for the one to come, all the while offering a few moments of tranquility and appreciation to our lives.

Of all the advice and blessings we offered at the wedding shower, I believe that this simple story was the best.

Try it!

What has been the best part of this day for you?


Linda said...

Negative energy is so hard on a person and everyone around it. It also is so easy to generate. It seems everyone does it. Sometimes there is so much negative energy in a room that you just want to leave it there. After you become more aware, it isn't difficult to change the energy into a positive by simply stopping, acknowledging it and moving on. This is a much more pleasant way to live each day. Sometimes we just have to stop and 'change the channel', so to speak.

Carol Steel said...

Thanks! It is more healthy to focus on the positive.

Linda said...

Sorry - I forgot to say I loved this post and that it is important to count your blessings, however big or small everyday. Life is short so appreciate all the goodness you receive.

Carol Steel said...

That's true, it is wise to love the best parts of the day and appreciate every good thing that happens along. Although the bad parts and the rough times have much to offer as lessons to wisdom, as well.