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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pendulum Mystery

Pendulum Mystery

I do energy work.  For that, I use not only my hands, at a comfortable distance away from the person's body, but also a pendulum, for sensing a person's energy fields, their chakras, and any energy field disturbances.

With my hands and with the pendulum, I'm seeking information that helps me to assess, clear and re-balance the energy fields.

I've had a silver and amethyst pendulum for years, a gift from someone close to me.  Since I was ill last year, it hasn't seemed to have worked as well, but then, neither have I.  Slowly, I am becoming balanced and energized and well again.  Healing is about more than the freedom from illness or disease, more than the recovery from an assault on the body's defenses and more than curing a physical ailment.  To have health is to have a balance and harmony among the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and relational aspects of the self.  I am getting to that balanced place again.

It seemed helpful to seek out a new pendulum, a fresh energy start.  I'd been looking for months and happened upon one that I was immediately drawn to, at a recent  Holistic Fair in Riverview, NBThe vendor was Sarah Jones, owner and manager of "Mystic Moons." 

I found a pendulum with intriguing patterns of pink, gold, green and grey streaks.  I asked Sarah from what stone the pendulum had been carved.  She searched her books for an answer and found none.  The Fair was busy, so I left the pendulum there at the booth.

I've been thinking about the pendulum ever since. Today I visited her shop at 729 Ammon Road, Irishtown, NB and purchased it.  She is still unable to find it in all of her books.  I am still wondering what it is.

Anyone have any ideas about how to find an answer?

In addition to exhibiting at Holistic Fairs, running "Mystic Moons" in Irishtown, Sarah is at the Moncton Farmer's Market each Saturday.  Her website is http://www.mysticmoons.ca

Both photos are mine. Words in red will take you to another website with additional information, if you click on them.


Carol Steel said...

Pink Moss Agate is great for recovery after a prolonged illness or debilitating sickness. It works on the emotions and heals them and greatly helps with self expression.
A friend sent this suggestion and information. If the pendulum is pink agate, isn't it intriguing that I was so drawn to a stone that is great for recovery?

Carol Steel said...

Another friend suggested this:

"It looks very much like some pieces of rhodochrosite, which has healing properties. I think like any stone where minerals are involved, it's the "purity" that gives you the colour or pattern. The pendant I don't think is pure, but the impurities add to its attraction. I have different beads that are rhodochrosite, some very pink, and others with quite a lot of speckles or streaks from other material."

Still it's a stone about healing, interesting!