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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

St. Martin's, NB

St. Martin’s, NB

Travelling along Route 111 in New Brunswick, through the rolling emerald hills from Sussex to St. Martin’s is a refreshing day-trip.  The drive offers visual treats, tidy green and gold fields on immense farms, roads edged with seeding wildflowers and chocolate-hued cattails, vibrant green woodlands, lush with feathery larch.

In St. Martin’s, we were delighted to visit Desideratum Art Gallery at 2559 on Route 111, and more than satisfied with the welcome and the artistic creations we found there.  (Read my blog entry from yesterday, August 9, 2011 for more.)

The weather was the usual dreary soggy stuff we’ve endured all summer long.  Despite that, there were breaks in the rain which gave us time to walk the tumbled stone beaches.

We saw the sea caves carved into red rock along the shores.

St. Martin’s has two covered bridges and colourful fishing boats.

The shoreline and protected waters invite people to kayak or walk about and enjoy the quaint ambiance of this seaside village.

Our Sunday meanderings were cut short by the fog rolling in to re-possess the land, followed hard by heavy rainfall.

We left before we had seen all that we had hoped to visit.  A great excuse for a return day-trip very soon!

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All photos are mine.

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