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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Layton Brought Dignity to Politics

This is a letter to the editor of Moncton's Times & Transcript, written by Eldon Hay of Sackville, NB.  Today is August 24, 2011.

Layton Brought Dignity to Politics

To the Editor:

Common to many, I have been touched by the untimely death of Jack Layton, though I did not know him, and have never met him.

I cherish the hope that the civility he helped bring to the House of Commons may continue.

I delight in the positive sentiments about MPs, politicians, councillors, Jack brought honour to these terms.  I also cherish the hope that these positive attributes could attach to other MPs, politicians, councillors.  In my experience we Canadians are singularly blessed by genuinely good men and women in our political life.  We may not agree with their policies or platforms, but we can attest to their honesty, diligence and hard work, irrespective of party.

Finally, minority communities lost one of their most committed, long-time allies.  Jack Layton cared deeply about social justice for all Canadians.  He recognised the fragile beauty of our Charter, and the power of hope for freedom that Canada offers to the oppressed around the world.  One of the best ways in which we can honour his years of service to the fight for equality is to carry his dedication forward.

Eldon Hay

Well said!  Thank you Eldon, and thank you Jack.

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