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Sunday, August 28, 2011

St. Martins -- Magnificent Views

St. Martins --  Magnificent Views

St. Martin’s was once named Quaco, derived from a Mi’kmaq word meaning “haunt of the hooded seal.”  The area west of the village is now called West Quaco.  After our drive through the St. Martin’s area of New Brunswick recently, I think the whole place should have a name that means “magnificent views.”

I took plenty of photos, as we travelled through spots with intriguing place names:  Little Beach, Bay View, Macs Beach, Quaco Head, Honeycomb Point, Griffin Pond Road, Rogers Head, Cliffview Road, Tynemouth Creek, Duck Pond Road and McCoy Head.

There was fog in the area when we arrived, obscuring the clarity of where the water meets the sky.  The views were lovely just the same.

Gradually the fog burned off and the day was perfect, slight breeze and comfortable temperature, smell of seaweed and salt in the air.

We could have taken a picnic lunch, as there were many places to pull over and get out, to walk along the coast. 

The coastline around the St. Martin’s area was amazingly natural and protected and largely un-crowded.

Anyone, we did meet was friendly and full of information about where to go to see even more magnificent views.

We stopped again at Desideratum Studio & Gallery at 2559 Route111, NB, and spoke with artist Gwen Buchanan. She gave us hints about where some of the best views were to be found. This time, at the Gallery, we did a little early shopping for Christmas.  I bought a small painting by John Ackerson for me; so delicate and warm, I couldn’t leave it behind!

Gwen is a wonderful photographer and if you click here, you will go to her blog site, where you will find the most amazing photos of the area, views she has captured and shared.

If you click on any of the words in red, you will get to another website with more information.  All the photos in this blog entry are mine.


Gwen Buchanan said...

Carol, Beautiful!!! I recognize all these amazing locations you have depicted on this post... the spirit of this coastline captures all who see it.. you have certainly done them justice..

Carol Steel said...

Thank you, Gwen. It was a delightful afternoon drive. We were very happy with all of the sites you recommended to us on our tour of the area.