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Monday, August 15, 2011

Bad Hair and the Stinks

Bad Hair and the Stinks

After enjoying, relishing and celebrating three delicious days-in-a-row of sun and summer temperatures, this morning I woke to more rain.

All day, it's felt like "one of those days."  I can't hurry; I can't seem to get out of my own way.  I am uncoordinated; I step on the cat.  I forget to remove my watch before showering and don't notice it, until I am all through the shower.  And it's not a waterproof watch!

My hair has an appointment for a cut on Friday, but suddenly it is out-of-control.  I don't know if I can stand it until then; it's too long, it's too fuzzy, it's too everything.

The mosquito light outside isn't working, so our yard is plagued with mosquitoes and black flies, and I'm allergic to them...so I can't go outdoors.  The insects are ravenous and I'm lunch.  There's no getting out of the house.

I feel bloaty and cranky and yes, I have the "stinks."  When we were children, my mother used to make us go out to play in the woodshed when we were all cranked up and couldn't stand ourselves.  She couldn't stand us either and put us outside to "blow the stink off."  It still seems to be a workable term.

I know these days happen to everyone.  I am not alone.  I know it will all dissipate in time, but for now, the "stinks" have me.


Linda said...

Sorry to hear you have 'the stinks' today. I can't help you with that but I can give you a hair appointment for tomorrow at 1 PM, if you like. The picture is hilarious and the post made me laugh out loud!

Carol Steel said...

Thanks for the rescue. Yes, that will help tomorrow and for now I'll try to change my mood a little...a little less stinky!

wendy said...

' stinks ' xox i love you all !the pic. --- hilarious !! wendy

Carol Steel said...

Thanks. It is really hilarious when we remember all the time we spent in the woodshed as children, isn't it? Guess we must have had the "stinks" quite often!