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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cornhill Nursery, Artists in the Garden 2011

Cornhill Nursery, Artists in the Garden 2011

Yesterday was a delightful summer day.  The weather was a dream-come-true, deep blue skies dotted with cloud puffs
and a light breeze that ruffled through the heat-held air.

We drove Route 890, the scenic road between Petitcodiac and Sussex, to the Cornhill Nursery for their Artists in the Garden event, held yesterday and today from 10 am to 5 pm.

There were dozens of people attending.  Everything was superbly well organized, down to guides to direct car traffic,
to parking in the newly-mown fields,
across the road
from the Cornhill Nursery.

A brief wait would get you into the Cedar Cafe for lunch. Or one could, as we did, buy a sausage or a schnitzel from the Degenhardt BBQ kiosk, a glass of wine or beer from the bar under the shady canopy of the grapevine arbor, or an ice cream cone from another vendor. Food in hand, we were then free to wander the grounds.

Danny Gillespie and accompanist provided live music throughout the afternoon.  We visited with a blacksmith, several potters, a weaver, a knitter, ceramic artists,
three jewellers and three woodworkers, 
all artists of the New Brunswick Crafts Council.

The booths and artists were interwoven amongst the inspirational gardens and sales displays
of the Cornhill Nursery. 

The whole afternoon was a feast of colour, flora and fauna and crafts, accompanied by olfactory pleasures, as we brushed by the sun-warmed plants and trees and breathed their scents.

The delicious varieties of food and the enjoyable music
gave the Cornhill Nursery 
the ambiance of a truly blessed place
to spend a perfect summer afternoon.

It was delightful!  And is open again today from 10 to 5. 

If you miss it this year, make a note on your August calender for next year, and treat yourself
by visiting Artists in the Garden
at Cornhill Nursery.

These photos are all from the Cornhill Nursery website and are from Artists in the Garden 2010.

Any words highlighted in red will link you to another website, with additional information, if you click on them.

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