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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Desideratum in St. Martin's, NB

Desideratum in St. Martin's, NB

Last Sunday threatened to be another in a drear series of sombre soggy days, so we decided to drive to Sussex to lunch at the Broadway Cafe and then to explore some shops.  We arrived and everything was closed...ah, Sunday!

After a snack at the local Tim's, we were still up for adventure.  Having had none to this point, we headed to St. Martin's, NB.

The rain held off for the next 40 minutes, while we travelled the rolling green hills, past lush farmland and healthy forests; a soothing visual delight all the way to the village of St. Martin's.

In St. Martin's, we headed straight for the Desideratum Gallery at 2559 Route 111; easy to find with its vibrant turquoise double doors.  The Gallery houses original paintings, metalwork, handmade art and jewellery, photography and art cards by Gwen Buchanan and John Ackerson.

I've been following Gwen's blog at   http://gwenbuchanan.blogspot.com  and was delighted to meet her and John in person, and greet her welcoming committee of well-mannered and friendly dogs.

Gwen has recently posted a blog entry all about the gallery, with stunning photos of her art and jewellery work, and of John's art work. If you'd like to see, click here.

It was busy at the Gallery, but Gwen made time to talk with us, to explain the evolution of the gallery and of her work, to suggest other things to do and see in the village of St. Martin's.

She is lovely and warm, an extremely talented woman.  I thoroughly enjoyed her and was so impressed by her creative gifts and the wide range of work she produces.

The earrings, prints and card I bought have all found home with me, (though I intended them for gifts).  I will be returning to Desideratum soon to buy gifts for others, really others, this time!  Well, maybe...except for a couple of pieces for me, including a painting of John's, a touching, delicate romantic portrait, with which I am in love.

Gwen's art website   http://gwenbuchanan.blogspot.com

John's art website     http://johnackerson1.blogspot.com

If you haven't been to see Desideratum Gallery yet, do go!  It is a treasure!

I'll post another blog tomorrow of what we saw in St.Martin's, before the fog rolled in.

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Gwen Buchanan said...

Carol, I am very humbled... and you are the sweetest!!! ...the most delightful part for me was meeting the two of you!!!
...please drop by anytime, if only for a chat.

Carol Steel said...

Thank you. I love your Gallery and the pieces that you and John create. Everyone should stop and see! Carol