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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cleaning for Company

The sun is pouring in the windows, lighting this room and revealing all the places where I missed the dust while cleaning, getting ready for company.   I’m chuckling to myself over this, as I suppose floating dust motes and missed dusty spots will grab the least attention from anyone who is arriving soon.

They are solely interested in seeing each other.  When family members “from away” come home to visit, no one is appalled at whatever level of housekeeping I have or have not accomplished.

They’ll burst through the door, hug everyone and start chatting with each other,  delighted to spend time with one another, after having been so long apart.   The adults will gather in the kitchen, share laughter and wine, cheeses and fruits, and later a huge boisterous dinner. 

The children will tear off upstairs to investigate all the toys that await them in our den.  They’ll occupy themselves with games, trucks, cars, building blocks, dolls, playing grocery store and keeping house, stuffed bears and dinosaurs.  Not one will say, “Oh, but Grammy, you missed a bit of dusting here!”

So impractical to worry about cleaning!  I suppose I have to admit that I do it for myself, so I will feel better.  Silly!  The only person who cares is me.  But part of me believes that caring is shown in preparedness and tidiness.

Each person here will spend the time visiting, eating, laughing, sharing stories of “Remember when?” or “Guess what?” or just enjoying being home again.  No one will say, “My goodness, what a sparkling house this is!”

When they leave (after staying…always it seems, too short a time), I’ll tidy again.  There’ll be finger prints and spills, sticky places and cat hair, crumbs and crunchy spots, laundry and dishes to wash.

What will I be doing?  Cleaning.  So yes, is it silly to do it beforehand…so it seems!

This is a wisdom that I have to re-learn many times!

I remember a comedian (I can’t recall which one) saying that she never cleaned before company came; she just wiped off her kitchen counters and sprayed some furniture polish into the air and a squirt behind each ear.  Everyone always thought her house was fresh and spick and span.  Their sense of smell fooled their eyes.

 I wonder where my furniture polish is.


Crafty Green Poet said...

I hope you enjoyed your time with your visitors!

My parents always notice if my house is less than perfectly clean, my mother is so houseproud herself and I'm well not quite so that way inclined...

Carol Steel said...

Yes, I did and am enjoying them. I do better at not getting too bent out of shape over the cleaning, as I get older and wiser. It is much better to simply relax and enjoy the company.