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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Next Message

Zayden chatting with Nanny

The next message you need is always
right where you are.

This is a quote from Ram Dass, sent by www.gratefulness.org

It is easy to be distracted by life’s minutia and challenges.  I forget what is important, what is waving me down as I travel through, hurrying, oblivious to opportunities right in front of me, simply not getting the message.

My inability to take time to write this past weekend gave me time to hang Christmas lights and to enjoy being outdoors in this unusually mild weather.

My interest in art kept me from my own, but allowed me to spend time at the Riverview Art Society’s Show on Saturday morning, and with my sister who is an artist, later that afternoon. And, gave me the chance to visit with other family I’ve not seen lately.

My sewing machine refused to cooperate as I tried to create curtains and sheers for my mother’s kitchen windows on Monday.  The ornery machinery gave me the message and occasion to spend a leisurely day with my mother, peacefully sewing by hand.  And, a chance to see the newest baby in the family.

A headache and lack of focus on Tuesday propelled me to the hardware store for replacement lights (‘tis the season) where I met an old friend and had a great chat.  To the grocery store where I simply wandered slowly enjoying the decorations, being in no particular rush.

A five-hour stint of filing, emailing, creating minutes and a “To Do” list for my volunteer work allowed me to feel productive and organized, and to connect with folks as I searched for information.

Picking up and dropping off a family member, twice today, took time but gave me time while waiting, to write in the car.  How luxurious! Quiet, undisturbed.

Some questions challenging my life’s work and beliefs pushed my buttons until I saw these as opportunities to re-examine what I hold to be true.  And to recognize as always:  my journey is not another’s journey.  We each find our own way.

The message is to relax and enjoy where I am, no matter what, to quiet my inner nattering, to be peaceful inside myself, to enjoy the ones I’m with and to “just be” in those moments.

The writing will come.  There will be time.

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Anonymous said...

The next message you need - might not be the message you want to acknowledge and deal with at the time.

Carol Steel said...

True, however you will keep seeing the same message over and over, until you deal with the issues. Life keeps presenting opportunities to grow and evolve. And will sometimes stick its finger in your eye to demand attention, to an area where you need to do some work on yourself. This I know and frequently experience!