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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Saint John River, New Brunswick

The Saint John River runs approximately 418 miles (673Kilometres) long, located principally in New Brunswick. 

At Jemseg, New Brunswick, the Saint John River is joined by the short Jemseg River, which empties New Brunswick’s largest lake, Grand Lake. 

Here the Saint John River becomes broad and shallow, meandering through many low islands used for pastureland during the dryer periods of summer and fall.

These photos were taken at a spot near Jemseg, New Brunswick where the old Route 105 splits off briefly from Route 2, the Trans Canada Highway.

I love the way the trees and marshy ground slip away from the main flow and considerable breadth and depth of the Saint John River, creating quiet reflective waters.  Suddenly, here is a place where sunlight and shadow play to create peaceful photo opportunities.  It is possible to capture whole and broken trees, dying Queen Anne’s Lace, autumn leaves back lit against the water meadows.

This hushed watery location is an enchanting respite from the tedium of endless miles of highway driving through the woodlands of central New Brunswick; a bewitching stretch of river, a tranquil place to stop and appreciate all of nature's wonders, great and small.  Blessed be.

And blessed be.

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Crafty Green Poet said...

what beautiful photos, Carol, I love wandering along rivers in the autumn

Anonymous said...

water meadows, what an interesting phrase with such beautiful photos

Carol Steel said...

Sometimes I am in the right place at the right time and photo magic just happens. It is truly a lovely place to stop to enjoy the scenery.