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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Daughter

Happy Birthday to my Daughter
In the midst of a surprise snowstorm in October and more than a month early, an erratic labour produced a lovely child with enchanting pale blue eyes; eyes the colour of autumn morning skies.
A new woman in the world.  A tiny pink mouth in a miniature of her father’s face.
She would grow to be generous, make spontaneous decisions, and have boundless capacity for love and sudden laughter.
A mixture of warmth and adventure, ever bringing home stray friends, excelling at school and university, especially in the sciences, arts and writing.
A woman of strong will and inner strength, graceful movements and slow temper, wise counsel and empathy.
She is all this:  world traveller, gourmet cook, handy-woman, organizer, maker of lists, caretaker of the environment, working Mom, fierce and loving mother of two sons, civil engineer, wife.
And more:  red haired, blue-eyed baby, now Senior Construction Project Manager, with wicked wit like her Dad’s, fit and slender, healthy and strong, more beautiful than she knows herself to be.
Happy Birthday to my daughter...
As you walk your own path,
as you dream your own dreams,
as you live the life you choose,
may your living be blessed.
I love you,


Words and photo are ©copyright Carol Steel.


David Jonah said...

Such a beautiful and evocative salute to such a lovely daughter and woman of the world. I love the poetry of your words. Best Wishes to you both, the one with the memory and the one with the purview of all she may desire. Touched. David J

Gwen Buchanan said...

So Beautiful, your daughter and your writing.

Carol Steel said...

Thanks for your comment, David. I believe it is important to remind those we love that they are unique and wonderful, and to be specific about the ways in which they are special. There is much in this world that says the opposite, so I remind my children that I love them for being just who they are.

Carol Steel said...

Thanks Gwen. She is beautiful, both inside and outside. Thanks for the comment about my writing.

Deborah Carr said...

Oh Carol...your daughter is so beautiful. And she is so lucky to have a mother who sees all the glorious qualities that make her special.

Carol Steel said...

Hi Deborah,

I am lucky to have two daughters, two step-daughters in law and one step-daughter. All are unique and wonderful, talented and special to me.