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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Resilience and Courage

Today I was going to write about birch trees.  I've been watching how they hang onto their small gold leaves longer than other trees in autumn.  I was going to write about how birch leaves look like tiny hands waving; about how their leaves turn colour more slowly than others--but I'm not going to do that--not much anyway.

Today, I want to acknowledge resilience and courage.  Yesterday and on into today, storm surges, electrical outages, fires, heavy rains and enormous storm damage have ravaged the northeastern parts of the United States, particularly in the New Jersey and New York areas.   My heart goes out to folks whose homes were swept away by flood or fire, to folks who lost power and water and sewer services, and who will be without them for days to come.

I am especially concerned about my daughter and her family living in New York.  Their home is on high ground so they are lucky, above the danger of storm surges, though not immune to excessive rainfall and winds.  The huge trees they lost fell away from their house, with no loss of life or damages to homes.  They have no power but are still so lucky.

The next few days in New Jersey and New York will be filled with many stories of resilience and courage, as people help others who weren't so fortunate.  Everyone will be dealing with the after effects of Sandy.  Those who are able to wave their hands and say, "We're OK," will be able to assist those who have endured greater losses, those whose lives have been stripped bare.

My thoughts are with the millions who, with resilience, must face losses, and clean ups and rebuilding.  And my thoughts are with those first responders who, with courage, will be there on the front lines of the disasters bringing help and hope.

I wish them all the best as they deal with enormous clean up and repair tasks.

To my daughter and family, I'm sorry that you are going though this and I send love.


Jane Tims said...

Hi Carol. No matter our fancy technology, we are still at the mercy of nature. Hope your family is OK, with power. Jane

Carol Steel said...

Thanks Jane. Their power has come back on and she has sent photos of the tree damage around their home. It is massive and mind boggling just attempting to figure out how they'll get all of that cleaned up. I'm glad the family, all of them are safe.