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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Little Boy at the Beach

Little boys need fresh air and laughter
and lots of running each day.

This day, he has all three. 
His dad throws stale crackers
to the seagulls and pigeons

Other children join the chase.

The pigeons don't fly away.  They run faster than he can!

The seagulls flutter out of his reach,
but keep a close eye on the tossed cracker crumbs.

He runs and laughs and whirls and laughs again.

Such fun for a little boy at the beach.


Anonymous said...

You have taken some fabulous pictures on this day and nicely captured the fun this young lad is having. Great photos!

Carol Steel said...

Thank you. It was sometimes difficult to hold the camera steady as I was laughing so hard watching the birds and this little boy.