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Friday, October 7, 2011

Writing Brings Me Joy

Writing Brings Me Joy

This is my 200th blog entry.  Today I want to celebrate what writing means to me.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve explained my life in stories: stories told, stories written, stories shared.  In childhood, when I didn’t understand what was happening, I automatically turned to stories as a way of making meaning, a sort of self-created mythology.

As I grew to adulthood, I began to journal.  I kept track of joys and sorrows, looked at writing as a way of making sense of relationships with others and with myself.  My journals held the rich deposit of reflections and learning from my life: school, university, marriage, births of children, deaths, accidents, job and career changes, children growing up and leaving, divorce, travels, struggles, grandchildren arriving, relationship failures, illnesses, moves, re-marriage and myriad other events across my life span.  Events large and small, successes and failures, the dark times often taught me as much or more than the bright ones.

Lack of confidence and feelings of vulnerability prevented me from sharing what I’d discovered and written in my journals, the stories I’d created and the poems that spilled like shimmering ribbon.

Finally, as an older adult, I know that something accomplished despite fear is a thousand times better than doing nothing while fretting about being good enough.  Not writing is the worst choice!

Writing, learning, practicing, seeking help, asking for feedback, finding people who will encourage yet speak the truth, these are essential to a writing life, to my writing life.  On-line, in writing groups, among friends, I’ve found inspiration.  There are published and un-published writers everywhere, if I search.  I learn from anyone and everything, the world is my teacher, if I pay attention and write about what I see, hear, touch, taste, feel and know.

Deepak Chopra says, “What brings you joy, brings you closer to your own soul.”

Writing brings me joy.  Writing brings me closer to my own essence, my own true self, to my own soul.  I am grateful for the courage to share what I write, those stories that swirl in my head and those poems that dance in my heart.  Humble and thankful; so thankful.  This writing gift grows more profound the more proficient I become; the richer depths I plumb.

Thank you to all you who read my blog, who view my photographs, who join the site and who offer comments. This blog is 50% me the writer and 50% you the reader.  I write to touch you.  Thank you for encouragement and for support of this blog and of my other writing. 

Photo is mine.


EBBounds said...

Hi Carol
This is a fun day to pick up your blog.
Painting is the same way for me.
Working through the process is so full.
Ed Bounds in Alameda

Carol Steel said...

Thank you. Working through the process is full; it is also painful and exhilarating, frustrating and joyful for me. I love it!