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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rainy Day Quiet

Rainy Day Quiet
Listening to the rain tapping on leaves and cars swooshing on the road below, I sit with the cat at the window.   He is watching the rain trail down the window and a grey squirrel racing around the oak tree caching acorns.   Outside is damply dark and feeling chilly.  Skies are uniformly a puffy grey.  Drizzly mist hangs over the city across the river.
Inside, we have finished our Saturday tradition of sizzled bacon, scrambled eggs and marmalade toast with apple pie for breakfast dessert (hmm, a fruit serving).  The kitchen is cinnamon fragrant and warm from baking the pie.  The heat comforts us against today’s damp chills.
I’m feeling sedentary, lazy, anticipating peacefulness—reading, knitting, cozy by the fireplace on this rainy grey day.  I am content.


Crafty Green Poet said...

it's raining here now too, there's something really nice about watching the rain, specially with acat!

Carol Steel said...

Watching with a cat is like watching with a child. Every movement, noise and smell is endlessly fascinating!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Well I'm starving after reading this, Carol.. what a great way to start the day!!!!!

Carol Steel said...

Thanks for the comment, Gwen. It was a great start to the day but didn't go quite as planned after that. Still, I do enjoy a peaceful rainy day now and then.