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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Neuville, Quebec

Three weeks ago, we visited our family in Neuville, Quebec.  Neuville is a quaint village on the north shore of the Saint Laurence River, just west of Quebec City, Canada.  It was founded in 1667, and remains quite picturesque.  Today, Neuville has an eclectic mix of ultra modern and ancient style homes; the older homes are similar to those found in the old part of Quebec City.

We drove the countryside around Neuville and were impressed by the mountains full of autumn colours, narrow farm roads, valleys of harvested fields and the sheer massive sweep of the landscapes.

My mother’s grandparents came from the Eastern Townships of Quebec, so there is much of this countryside, the aged homes, the magnificent views of the St. Laurence River and the sprawling farms that remind me of that
family legacy. 

The day was hazy so the shots of the
St. Laurence River don’t show the bridges over to Quebec or the opposite shore as clearly as they should.  They do show the modern marina in Neuville, which provides mooring for sailboats and yachts and easy access to the river.

Neuville is the perfect combination of quiet country living within fifteen minutes of exciting urban life in Quebec City; close to all the heritage sites, entertainment, cultural activities and shopping that Quebec City offers.

The next visit, we’ll organize ourselves to take more time, in order to travel the secondary roads through the fascinating Eastern Townships and make a journey back in time and through my family’s history. 


The first two photos are from google images, the remaining eight photos are mine. 
Any words in red will take you to another website with more information, if you click on them.


Anonymous said...

That place looks amazing. The first images reminded me of France.


Carol Steel said...

The very first image is from a street in Old Quebec City; so yes, it does look like France. The architecture in the Old City portion of Quebec City has been restored and is designated heritage property. The second photo is a typical older home built in the "style" of the originals; lots of them in and around Neuville. It's a pretty place to visit.