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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Prospect Village Bed and Breakfast, Nova Scotia

Down a twisting shore road to Prospect Bay, we crest a hill and before us—paradise!  Have you ever been to Prospect Village on Prospect Bay, Nova Scotia?  Unique combinations of older cedar shake homes and modern styles; a combination of respect for the past and valuing of a life lived in a place blessed with natural wild beauty.  Most of the homes in the village have remained in the same families for generations.

We stayed for a few days at the Prospect Village Bed and Breakfast, while in the area for our daughter’s wedding. (See my blog entries for November 15 and 16, 2011.)  Our hosts Rosalee Peppard Lockyer and Allan Lockyer shared the colourful history of this Bed and Breakfast, through conversations over breakfast and a written history left in each guest room.

Prospect Village Bed and Breakfast was built as a summer home, in 1849 by James W. Johnston, then premier of Nova Scotia. Five years later, it was acquired by Patrick Power, a prominent Nova Scotian, and member of the House of  Commons from 1867-1872.  A devout Roman Catholic, in 1875, he gave the property to the Sisters of Charity who turned it into a convent and school.

In 1906, the Sisters of Charity left Prospect, unable to support the convent; the school was closed.  From 1909-1911, it became a “Glebe” or residence for priests who had ministered to this parish since its inception in 1794.  The cross was erected beside the house, on an old graveyard and original church site, to commemorate the 200th anniversary in 1994.

In 1917-1918, it became an orphanage for children whose parents died in the Halifax Explosion.

In 1926, it was again sold; this time to Margaret Young who operated it as a hotel into the late 1940’s.  Bob Lanigan was a teen when he worked here as a helper in 1932.  In August 2006, he told a story that Margaret could cook the halibut and haddock he’d catch, in a dozen different ways but she admonished him that besides her staples of potatoes and carrots, she had only two things on the dinner menu:  Take it or Leave it!

In 1950, a group of recreational fishing enthusiasts bought it for the Salt Water Fishing Club.  In 1989, it was sold and subsequently converted into a Bed and Breakfast.  In 2006, Rosalee Peppard Lockyer and Allan Lockyer purchased and now share this marvellous and miraculous place with folks who seek accommodations in Prospect Village.

Rosalee and Allan have retained the character of this 4 1/2  Star Bed and Breakfast by including luxurious linens, Nova Scotia paintings and art, Red Oak floors, handmade soaps and crèmes, organic regionally-sourced breakfasts, handcrafted furnishings, live music and unparalleled Maritime hospitality.

In recent years, the Prospect Village Bed and Breakfast has been featured in the National Geographic Magazine in an article on Nova Scotia, in movies such as Baby starring Farrah Fawcett and Jean Stapleton, in Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas with Christina Applegate and in a documentary for TV on the fateful Swissair Flight 111.

Professional singer and songwriter of Maritime heritage, Rosalee Peppard http://www.rosalee.ca/ sings and tells stories with guests in the evening.   She and Allan began the KITCHEN concert series in November 2006.  Because Rosalee’s singing talents and oral “herstory” skills are in ever increasing demand, they are planning to sell this historic property…perhaps to another couple who could cherish the scenery and history of this unique property on Prospect Bay, an easy drive to Peggy’s Cove and to downtown Halifax.

We enjoyed our recent stay at the Prospect Village Bed and Breakfast.  Were impressed with the warmth, charm and ambiance of the place, as well as the gentle grace with which Rosalee and Allan share Maritime hospitality.  It was a superb location for an intimate wedding!

We’ll stay there again! 

Many times, we hope!

All words in red will take you to another site with additional information, if you click on them.  All photos are mine.  Historical data comes directly from conversations and documents at the Prospect Village Bed and Breakfast.   To learn more about the Prospect Village Bed and Breakfast click this  http://www.prospectvillagebb.ca/  and to learn more about Rosalee Peppard click this  http://www.rosalee.ca/


Anonymous said...

Great history, photos and local information. We will look forward to exploring this Inn and the area next time we visit. Sounds wonderful! Thank you for this!

Carol Steel said...

Thanks for your comment. It is a postcard-perfect village with amazing scenery and water views. The inn is superb; great service and such a warm welcome!