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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sands Point, Long Island

At Sands Point, Long Island, a boy and his father examine sea shells, large and small, skip rocks across the waves, chase seagulls and watch cormorants perched on deteriorating pilings.

Nearby is a sign, “NO WALKING Beyond This Point, OFF LIMITS.”  The “gold coast” of Long Island is full of private stretches of shoreline in front of fancy expensive homes.

I ask if one of them is a museum, and feel foolish upon hearing that, “No, it is a summer home, closed now for the season.”  To me, it seems a waste of gorgeous coastline to live there only a small portion of the year.  And a waste of real estate to live in a house that is the size of a public building.

This little boy undeterred by the "Off Limits" signs, blithely steps over the line and runs off along the beach chasing seagulls.

After a few moments of calling with no response, his father sets off down the private sand and shore to retrieve his son.

Such an ideal autumn day at the beach, blue skies, calm waters, exquisite shells and speckled rocks and a tiny boy who knows how to enjoy the beach…even the private sections.

Words in red will take you to another website with more information, if you click on them.  All photos are mine.


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, mum! I wish I could have joined you that day.

Carol Steel said...

Wish you could have joined us, too. It was a gorgeous day at the beach. Almost no one else around.