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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wedding in a Whirlwind...more

The wedding was planned, everything was ready,
then a post-tropical storm blew through the tiny village of Prospect, Nova Scotia.  An outdoor wedding set to happen on
the rocks at High Head, on the coast was saved from disaster
by the kindness of the owners of
Knowing of our dilemma, they offered their rear deck
for the ceremony.  They had also offered their living room but Melanie and Kelly were set on getting married outside,
in the wind and the rain.

The Prospect Village Bed and Breakfast had once been a convent for the Sisters of Charity, so came complete with cross and an atmosphere appropriate to the sanctity of commitment vows. 
(I'll tell you more about the Prospect Village Bed and Breakfast
in tomorrow's blog entry.)

Ann, Kelly's mother offered blessings as we stood in the storm.  She is on the right, out of the photo.  Mary Ellen, the Justice of the Peace wore a fetching pink rain coat and a sturdy black hat. 
We couldn't figure out how the hat stayed on
in the gale force winds!

Kelly and Melanie with Zara in the background taking pictures, as Mary Ellen conducts the ceremony.  Kelly started out with a jacket but was soon soaked through,
then opted for just his shirt. 
What the heck he was wet anyway!

Kaleb is opening the ring box and we are crowding around trying to ensure that the box and the ring don't blow away. 
Shortly after this photo, Tim almost left the deck
in a particularly strong gust of wind.

We have these wonderful wet photos taken from the inside of the Prospect Village Bed and Breakfast courtesy
of the warmth and generosity of the owner,
Rosalee Peppard Lockyer who created pictures for us.

Melanie and Kelly exchanging vows.  I am not crying,
just trying to wipe away salt sea spray and rain
from my eyes.  Kaleb is trying not to set sail across the deck.

Doesn't my little girl look happy?

Rosalee was thoughtful to invite Susan,
Melanie's step-mother inside
to watch the wedding, as she wasn't feeling well that day. 
We were so glad she could be there too.

Rings safely landed on fingers, vows repeated, prayers and blessings offered, we were set to go.  Rosalee opened the back door and hugged Melanie and actually offered to let us come into her beautiful home for a glass of wine.  How wonderful!  And brave!  We were all soaked.  We declined her generous offer and soggily climbed into cars to return to Melanie's and Kelly's place for a wedding dinner of seafood and steak, laughter and gifts, photos and music, and of course, a bit of wine.

Blessings on you both as you begin this
new form of your relationship together.

May there be truth and understanding between you.
May you enjoy length of days, fulfillment of hopes,
peace and contentment of mind.
May God bless you and keep you always.  Amen.

Words in red will take you to another site with additional information, if you click on them. 
All photos are mine and Rosalee's. 
 If you want to learn more about the Prospect Village Bed and Breakfast,
please click here http://www.prospectvillagebb.ca/  and if you want more information
about the talented Rosalee Peppard click here  http://www.rosalee.ca/


Anonymous said...

These pictures are wonderful and so nice of Rosalee to take them. Melanie looks so happy! Sounds like it was a perfect day for her. Great memories made. Thank goodness it was a warm day.

Carol Steel said...

It was thoughtful of Rosalee, I agree! Warmth was a bonus given the driving rain and rounds of wind.