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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

This year, on Christmas Day, we were unable to spend the day with any of our own children.  My niece invited us to a pot luck dinner at her home with her sisters and mother, grandmother and extended family.  It was a bright and busy time with their three small children.

They opened their gifts and shared their delight at surprises from Santa!

The baby was keenly interested and wanted to eat the decorative paper, while his Dad unwrapped the gifts.

Mom enjoyed unpacking her stocking full of goodies, too.

And after dinner and after the gifts and after dessert and after the clean up, the adults helped the children put together toys and some lost at video games against the younger, more expert players.

Thank you for time with family, for a meal together and for sharing the delight and wonder of your children at Christmas time.

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