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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Lights

Today is the first day of winter, the shortest day of the year, a day when night dominates and light is at a premium. 

Christmas lights outside on houses and in yards cut through this darkness to touch our hearts and cheer us.  My favourites are houses decorated with small white lights.  The warmth of the glow and the understated quietness of white lights make me feel peaceful and content.

While I prefer little white lights, I recognize that there are myriad colours and combinations which mean Christmas to others.  Differences give life variety and wonder.  Some folks prefer lighted figures and vibrant colours.

Some folks spend much time creating wooden shapes to decorate with lights, love bright colours and work diligently to make their home look festive.  Even to the point of creating sequences of lights flashing to a jaunty Christmas tune.


And some folks like a bit of everything, festooning the interior and exterior with myriad colours and figures and wreaths and candy canes and signs.

All are cheery and bright.  Each different combination pleases those who placed them, lovingly and carefully to light the darkness. 

At this beginning of winter, may all your darkness and all your light be in balance; may you be filled with joy and wonder, appreciating differences, and recognizing yourself in all others.

Enjoy this season of rich darkness and of twinkling lights.


Anonymous said...

Hey, where is our house picture

Carol Steel said...

If I knew who you are and lived close enough perhaps I could take it and add the picture into the blog. Since you have signed as anonymous, I don't know who you are.