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Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Tree Progress

We buy our tree at a nearby lot run by a local charity, supplied with trees from a local grower.  It is smaller than usual, needs trimming and settling of boughs before we decorate.  Now the house is full of the fragrance of winter, cold air and balsam.  We inhale the outdoors, breathing deep contentment.

After the tree branches settle, we add lights and the tree topper, a poinsettia fairy with feathered collar!  The warmth from the lights enhances the balsam smells.

Gradually, we decorate with the lightest weight ornaments,
as the tree's branches are tender
and easily bend with too much weight. 
Much of what we usually add to the tree
are handmade ornaments
and keepsakes from over the years,
which are too heavy to hang.

Now it's time to clean up the boxes and bags left behind
and sit with an eggnog by the fire, enjoying the tree,
breathing in Christmas.


Crafty Green Poet said...

It's a lovely tree and you've decorated it beautifully.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Carol Steel said...

Thank you! We are enjoying it. Hope you and CGB have a Merry Christmas!

www.nichepoetryandprose.wordpress.com said...

Hi Carol. I love the red colors of your tree. We follow the same stages, except the topper always goes on last and we wait a day between stages. Merry Christmas!!! Jane

Carol Steel said...

Merry Christmas, Jane! I love all the red and green combinations also.