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Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby

Today is my first baby’s birthday.
More than a day of intense labour (as first labours often are) produced a lovely dark haired child with penetrating blue eyes.
A new woman in the world.  A tiny pink mouth in a miniature of her father’s round face.
She would grow to be frugal, make careful decisions, and have boundless capacity for love and sudden laughter.
A mixture of caution, adventure and loyalty, sneaking home stray kittens in her jacket, excelling at school and university, especially in the Sciences.
A woman of strong will and inner strength, quick movements and quicker temper, wise counsel and generous emotions.
She is all this:  Motorcycle driver, baker of cookies, handy-woman, organizer, maker of lists, promoter of fresh air and clean water, working Mom, fierce and loving mother of two, scientist, wife.
And more:  Dark haired, blue-eyed baby, now a woman with tattoos, wicked wit like her Dad’s, fit and slender, healthy and strong, more beautiful than she knows herself to be.
Happy Birthday to you!
As you walk your own path,
as you dream your own dreams,
as you live the life you choose,
may your living be blessed.
I love you my child.


Wendy Marney said...

What a beautiful message of love to your daughter.
What a gift in itself to share those words with her.

Carol Steel said...

Thank you, Wendy. She knows she is loved, always.