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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Photo Wall

It’s Christmas, time for the annual influx of updated photos from our grandchildren.  Always delightful!

And challenging!  We have photos of our grands displayed on a side wall of the stairway; a staggered showcase of children from 3 to 17 years.  This photo wall charts our family’s evolution.

It’s a recording of physical growth, emerging personalities, hair colours, hair cuts and hair styles, of baby teeth, teeth missing, permanent teeth and braces.  The wall shows dimples, and grins and lopsided smiles, kinky hair, curly hair, straight hair and hair that won’t behave.  Blue eyes, hazel eyes, green eyes and dark brown.  Each photo is a delightful reminder of a much loved grandchild.

The updated photos each year are a delight and a challenge.

The challenge is to arrange the photos on the slanting wall, using the nails that are in place, to form a cohesive format.  Some photos are vertical and some horizontal, some are smaller requiring mats. They are all framed with simple 8x10 black borders for continuity.

While rearranging the new crop of photos, I struggle with using the spaces and nails already there.  I can’t get them right, no matter what.  I’ll have to poke more holes in the stairway wall.  I’m certain the housekeeping gurus at Martha Stewart would be appalled.

After considerable fiddling, I’ve managed to arrange the photos (fairly) evenly – at least until the new ones arrive – either photos or babies.

Now to enjoy them!

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