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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blue Skies and Riding the Harley

The color of the springtime is in the flowers,
the color of the winter is in the imagination.

Winter is almost gone!  Still, there are days when I wake to massive snow flakes floating, drifting, riding currents of air.   And to soiled snow banks breathing curtains of fog, but winter is almost gone.

Spring surges through my eager veins, swelling my energies and leaving me breathless, impatient for balmier weather and for bright flowers.

Gary is impatient too.  All winter, his imagination has germinated longings for the colors of springtime, but not of flowers; he dreams of crystal blue spring skies and of his pearl blue Harley.

Finally today, the roads were dry enough for him to go out for a short drive around the neighbourhood on his motorcycle.  He is so happy on the Harley!

And, this means that winter is almost…gone.

The photo was taken last Fall, 2010.  It is mine.


Anonymous said...

I like this a LOT

Carol Steel said...

Riding a bike on the first day of good weather in spring is a great experience! I like it too!