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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

On Writing and The Dinner Party

My best friend gave me the gift of “seeing me”.  The gift was actually a matte black postcard with a single photograph of a 14 inch dinner plate in basic cream, various greens and rich reds.

 This plate is the Christine de Pisan plate from “The Dinner Party” exhibit of 1979 by Judy Chicago, now housed in the Brooklyn Museum
in New York.

On the back of the postcard are these words:

            Christine de Pison       1364- 1431      France
            First professional female author; wrote a book about a
            mythical city populated by the greatest women in history;
            initiated the first feminine discourse in Europe.

And my friend’s distinctive handwriting with this line:  “For my amazing writer friend.”

How supportive and encouraging, to be so clearly seen and recognized!  Humbling and reassuring.

Thank you.


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