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Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm in Love

I’m in Love

It’s spring and I’m in love with:

  • The last softly floating snowflakes
  • The raw smell of persistent spring
  • Fresh pale green shoots…sprouting
  • Rapidly melting snow heaps
  • Children laughing and shouting
  • Riders in shorts on bicycles
  • The caressing heat of the stronger sun
  • Squish of fresh mud hugging a shoe
  • Tree buds swelling, ready to burst
  • The gurgle of storm drains racing
  • Gentle mallards ardently pairing
  • Dazzling days, longer illumination
  • Cheerfulness in all I meet
  • Motorcycle polish, fragrant and hopeful
  • Pheasants squawking their desire
  • The damp hungry earth re-emerging
  • Stars in the clear, deep darkness
  • Expectant energy everywhere, in everything
  • Teens floating by on skateboards
  • Neighbours walking their excited dogs
  • Crows stealing string for nests
  • Cats running circles for sheer fun
  • Wafting aroma of barbeques
  • The river swallowing its ice cakes
  • Packing away winter clothes
  • Feeling bubbly blissful inside
  • Tiny birds warbling their spilling joy

I’m in love with spring!

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