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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mysterious Wooden Chair

Sometimes life offers unanticipated blessings.

My sister and brother-in-law are rearranging their furniture and have loaned us this mysterious chair, until they decide what to move and where.

The chair is very old.  How old?  I don’t know.  Where did the chair originate?  I don’t know.  What was the original purpose of the chair?  I don’t know that either.
Could it be an old-fashioned sewing chair? 

It is sturdy, roomy and comfortable, well padded, and remarkable.  It has an attached sliding foot rest that adjusts to whatever distance I need it to be from the chair and can also slide underneath the chair to hide.  The chair back adjusts by means of a metal rod and brackets located behind the chair.  The rod moves manually to any of four positions.  More surprises; the chair has wide wooden arms, each of which flips open at the top to reveal rectangular storage space.  Carvings decorate the front legs.

Fascinating mystery!

This I do know.  I am using the chair as a place to knit.  It works perfectly well, great leg and back support, plenty of comfortable space, and handy storage which keeps the cats away from my yarn during the current work-in-progress.  When I’m not knitting, I can place on the chair's wide arms, a tranquil glass of wine. 

I love the mysterious wooden chair!

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