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Thursday, March 31, 2011


My life is full of love.  I have five grandsons and five grand-daughters, each one charming, delightful and lovable.  This year, two of my grandsons are two years old.

What are two-year-old little boys made of?

  • Climbing into closets and cupboards
  • Hiding in drawers and dryers
  • Eating markers (washable, what luck)
  • Sitting on a small step stool to snack
  • Playing with make-up and kitchen tools
  • Darting away in department stores
  • Losing Teddy at the Mall
  • Sleeping anywhere but in his own bed
  • Squealing with laughter, loud and long
  • Testing every boundary, every limit, every rule
  • Hugging and falling asleep in your arms

  • Wearing rubber gloves to bed
  • Loving new sneakers with heel-squeakers
  • Cleaning crumbs with the vacuum
  • Watching “Cars”, “Pingu” and “Toy Story”  
  • Screaming inconsolably when things disappoint
  • Pulling the play-kitchen down on himself
  • Needing stitches again and again and again
  • Climbing the outside of the escalator
  • Chasing the cat round and round
  • Learning to talk and making up words

  • Getting into the tub with pyjamas still on
  • Pounding the piano keys and singing
  • Getting into everything, yes, everything
  • Grinning such huge happy smiles
  • Looking like an angel while sleeping

That’s what two-year-old little boys are made of!

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