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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Christmas Cactus

My Christmas Cactus plant is off kilter.  It didn’t bloom at Christmas time, but is in full flower now at the beginning of March.  It flourished when it was ready.

Christmas Cactus is thermo-photoperiodic, affected by temperature and by the proportion of daylight hours to hours of darkness.

It sets buds when the day length is about equal to the night length and the temperature is consistently cool.  The Christmas Cactus requires long, uninterrupted dark periods (at least three weeks) of about 12 or more hours per night in order to bloom. 

At this mid point of Maritime winter, we are exasperated with excessive snow and interminable darkness.  Are we thermo-photoperiodic too; are we, as equally, affected by the proportion of daylight to darkness and by temperature?

Might we too benefit from the long periods of chill darkness to focus inward, to become contemplative?   This season offers myriad moments to seek within ourselves, to discern that which is being drawn to the light.  Do we flower when our fertile meditative selves reach the creative balance point between darkness and light?  Do we too become more vibrantly alive as we move from extended coolness to consistent warmth?

The days grow longer and the sun warms; we are drawn to the potency and power of that change.  Thoughtfulness buds, renewed creativity opens and peaks.  We feel it inside ourselves, compelling us.

What flowers within us?  What new part of ourselves do we birth out of our darkness?  What part of ourselves will we nurture to full blown splendour in the invigorating light? 

How is our pulsing inner creativity being stimulated?  When are we ready to bloom?


Anonymous said...

Your blog made me stop to really think about what it is that I need to be doing in my life and how I can help that happen. Thank you for the questions. T.G.

Carol Steel said...

You are welcome. Glad this helped. Life is a journey of discovery. Carol