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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Attention to Sunsets

Attention to Sunsets

We were away from home last weekend.  Each evening we sat, paid attention to the setting sun, watched the colours change, the shadows grow and felt the chill of twilight.

Trees became silhouettes as sunlight splashed gold on cloud bellies.  We saw pink and grey become orange and slate at dusk.

We watched the setting sun reflected on waters in bays and rivers.  We watched the sun, a molten disc, dip sizzling into the ocean.

This photo belongs to K and L Banks

We sat in the darkness as it closed around us and watched the full moon rise and the stars twinkle on.  Here and here and then another, and then more.

We were away from home last weekend and each nightfall was a spectacle.  Vibrant, peaceful, lovely.

Each evening was a gift.

Photos and words are copyright Carol Steel, unless otherwise noted.


Crafty Green Poet said...

wonderful sunsets!

Carol Steel said...

Yes, the sunsets were lovely. We enjoyed them very much.