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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Family Visit

We’ve had children and grandchildren around, off and on for the past two weeks.  More off than on and less on than we’d like, but that’s the way it is when family comes home to visit.  They have to spread themselves around, visit all the members of the family.
And our family is a combination, a blended family, so that means even more visiting for them.
They’re heading back to Alberta soon and though they won’t fly out until Saturday, I miss them already. 
We had fun during the two days and couple of evenings they were here with us.  Yes, there were ice cream slops and sticky finger prints when they left.  But that’s all part of having lively children filling the house with dinosaurs roaring and cars running, creating chalk figures in the driveway, cutting craft snowflakes, drawing pictures and giving warm hugs.  The laughter and giggles and hugs were the best parts. 
Yes, the hugs and the smiles and the laughter, I’ll miss those, miss them lots.
There are toys to return to their boxes and a spill or two to wipe up, but that doesn’t matter.  What matters is that they came all the way across Canada to visit. 
What matters is…we enjoyed them so.

Photo and words are copyright © Carol Steel.

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