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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


September.  We are eleven days into September.  It is not quite summer and not quite autumn…not yet.  The number of daylight hours is decreasing.  The evenings and mornings are cooler, brisk and fresh. 
Breezes swipe crunchy leaves from the trees.   The flowers have slowed or stopped growing.   Berries are ripe; the grapes turning purple.  The mountain ash shows off its bright orange clusters.  Wood is stacked and drying. 
The list of summer chores isn’t quite finished and, depending upon the weather, may have to become spring chores.  Swings and play sets, playgrounds and sand boxes are empty during school hours.  Everywhere, everyone and everything adjusts to the changes coming, the arrival of fall.
September.  Month of endings and beginnings, lovely mellow days and crisp starry nights. 

Words and photos are ©copyright Carol Steel.

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