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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Everything's Coming Up Roses

Have you ever had a day when you keep noticing the same phenomena over and over again, like a private message just for you?  I have.
Recently, I had a day in which the colour rose kept turning up…everywhere I looked.  I was awake early and saw the sun rising over the neighbour’s rooftop, rosy hues in the dawn sky.
The sunrise started me humming the tune “Everything’s Coming Up Roses.”   I smiled and noticed my insides were bubbly and light.  It was a cheery start to my day.

Later it rained (as red skies in the morning foretell) and the sedums in the garden became vibrant rosy pink in the wet.  I smiled as I noticed them.  Felt happy too.


As the day was ending, sun and cloud mixed.  The rain had slowed and the hydrangeas in the front garden glistened with droplets and were edged with rose.
All day long the tune ran through my head and rosy hues popped up, not just in my own yard but everywhere I went.
Ever had a day when colours displayed themselves and music sang itself to you, over and over again?
I wonder why it happens.

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Crafty Green Poet said...

lovely post, beautiful shades of rose...

Gwen Buchanan said...

very interesting, Carol. the same has happened to me with numbers.

A Heron's View said...

Very much enjoyed your blog Carol and yes I have had a similar experience except the colour was blue & we kept seeing it throughout the day; including a phenomena:
for we thought that a neighbour had rapidly painted his house light blue it was however, a reflection from the sky, because every white walled house we passed in the car had a light blue tint.

Carol Steel said...

Thanks CGP. Some days I just notice colours repeating themselves everywhere I look.

Carol Steel said...

Hi Gwen,
Yes, I heard from other people that they see repetitions of numbers too. How fascinating!

Carol Steel said...

Thank you A Heron's View for your comment. Sometimes the river in front of our house (which has a muddy hue and is nicknamed "The Chocolate River") turns blue at neep tide when it is calm and reflecting the blue sky. Your story is intriguing. Thanks for sharing .