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Friday, May 13, 2011

Beth Powning

I met Beth Powning last evening.

She was at the Riverview Public Library reading from her latest novel The Sea Captain’s Wife, which has been short-listed for the Thomas Raddall Atlantic Fiction Award, in Canada; and is a Barnes and Noble Award Book for May/June, in the USA.   http://www.seacaptainswife.ca

“Beth Powning’s work has been widely published in books, anthologies, and magazines.  She is known for her lyrical, powerful writing and the profound emotional honesty of her work.” 

I felt delight at meeting her.  I cherish the poignant integrity with which she writes, and learned much from her thoughtful, direct answers to questions.  She was warm, wise, gentle and passionate. 

I was encouraged to hear her admit to feelings of insecurity every time she starts to write another novel.  Amazing, considering her past successes:  Seeds of Another Summer (published in the U.S. as Home: Chronicle of a North Country Life); Shadow Child: An Apprenticeship in Love and Loss; The Hatbox Letters; and Edge Seasons.

Beth Powning shared stories about where the ideas for her novels come from, how she does her intense research, her character building methods, her writing schedule, her granddaughters, her husband, her home and what she loves and what she doesn’t love about her craft.  She was welcoming and kind-hearted as she responded to questions.

Writing since she was eight years old, her life-long love of words is evident in the glow of her face and her easy smile.  She does glow, just look at her photo!  In person she glowed too…with wisdom, health, openness, comfort with her abilities, a love of life and a centeredness that was so appealing.

I am excited to have met her, a feeling tinged with envy and flooded with enthusiasm for writing.

If you’d like to know more about Beth Powning, use this link.  http://powning.com/beth

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