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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saucer Magnolia Tree

Six years ago Gary’s mother died.  In memory of his mother, his co-workers at NavCanada gave him a generous gift certificate from a local nursery. 

They knew that we had just moved into a home that was in desperate need of landscaping, and knew that Gary would appreciate planting a tree in memory of his mother.

We bought a healthy, seven-foot  Saucer Magnolia Tree.  This was an appropriate choice because Gary’s mother loved pink flowers; the magnolia tree promised to bloom in lush, showy pink blossoms, every spring, just in time for the anniversary of her death.

We planted the young tree in a sheltered area, where we could enjoy it from our kitchen window.  The first winter was hard on the new magnolia.  That first spring when the snow left, the tender tree had been split down the middle to the ground, cracked right through.  We were upset but did homework on what might save this precious tree.

Our garden centre advisor told us to trim the broken branches and duct tape the base together, leave it, cutting the tape as the tree grew and needed to expand, reapplying until the tree mended itself.

We’ve nursed our tree along, taping, cutting, trimming and wrapping as needed for four more springs.  This year, the magnolia has started to bloom again, vibrant rosy blooms, not many, but a start. 

The leaves are budded and the tree looks like it will recover.  We’re pleased that the magnolia tree is growing stronger and starting to flower anew, particularly because of what the tree represents to us—a beloved mother tenderly remembered.

All four images are mine.


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Sweet and tender tribute to a dear mother.