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Friday, May 20, 2011

Packing Boxes

Mum has been packing slowly for a couple of weeks.  It takes time to go through all of her belongings; what to move, what to keep, what to donate, what to throw away.   As she fills boxes, we stack them in piles in her apartment.   What goes by car and what goes with the furniture movers.  There is stuff to be thrown away and stuff to be given away.

We’ve collected boxes and boxes and boxes from the liquor stores, small sturdy ones for heavy items such as books and delicate items like crystal.   The moving company sells used and flattened cardboard cartons, so we have some of those in 2 cubic foot and 4 cubic foot sizes.  Mum fills and tapes and labels them.  Every couple of days, I go over to put together some of these flattened boxes, so she can fill more.

We have to cross out the instructions on these used boxes and write Mum’s directions on them instead.

Today as we reconstructed and taped these used, flattened cartons, we read the notes on the used boxes:  Sam’s stuffed toys, goes to Sam’s room; Hal’s bathroom stuff, unpack first, goes to bathroom; canned food, goes to kitchen; Vicki’s summer shorts, goes to bedroom; Hal’s videos, handle carefully, goes to living room; Sam’s blankets, goes to storage; Vicki’s headboard stuff, goes to bedroom; Vicki’s sex toys, goes to bedroom. 


Mum and I looked at each other and burst into hysterics…laughter!

We have no issues with sex toys.  Who doesn’t love having fun?

It seemed bizarre that “Vicki” would write it on the carton knowing that movers would see it and that the carton would be recycled.

Too funny!  A great relaxing break in an otherwise muggy day of packing!  

Thanks Vicki!


Anonymous said...

This is so funny! W.

Carol Steel said...

It was funny and we needed the break in the monotony of packing. Of course, it is important to have ones belongings end up in the right places!