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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Return of the Sun

The sun returned today at suppertime.  I was amazed at how quickly the sunshine lifted my mood, after endless sodden and depressing days.  The slanting gold rays created an enchantment. 

Windows opened.  Lawn chairs came out.  The air filled with bright sound, birds trilling and singing, bursting joy, lawn mowers buzzing and whining in a steady wave and trough of cutting through thick and thin patches of grass.

Suddenly neighbours were out walking their yipping dogs, calling, “Hello, great to see the sun!” from grinning faces, their conversations loud with laughter.

The warmth carried a scent of new-mown grass and of fragrant barbecues, grilling delicate chops and succulent chicken, juicy hamburgers and savoury onions.  

Someone could hear his motorcycle calling, “Come out for a ride, and forget the chores!”   He left, loudly, exultantly roaring out the driveway and down to the street, joining others who had already responded to the call of the road.

I walked around the yard surveying all that had grown during these long wet days, and was greeted by enthusiastic swathes of dandelions.  I thought, “If, I didn’t know they were weeds, wouldn’t I be glad to see these cheerful yellow faces?”  

I said, “Yes”… and so I was.

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