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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Moving Mum

Mum is moving.  She is enthusiastic about setting up her new apartment at the home of my niece and her partner.

It will be a lively energetic place to live.

They have a charming old farmhouse, where the edge of the city meets the country.  Mum will be able to have a garden and be outdoors and enjoy nature.  She’ll also be able to spend time with my niece’s two children, soon to become three.

Mum is excited.

Family have been helping her to pack and to get organized with the mover, disconnections and hook-ups, mail forwarding, address changes and all of that.

Mum is a brave and determined soul. It has been just shy of 6 years since she gave up her own older, country home, ten miles from the city, and moved to an apartment in the town of Riverview.  She was content there for awhile but things have changed. 

Her current “pleasant upper level apartment, with a picturesque view of Lake Petitcodiac” was purchased by a real estate management company.  The needs of tenants and the upkeep of the property are just business now, with no humanity or real caring in evidence.  The lake itself has become mud flats and even for the good natured, the view is, well… not so appealing.

So, Mum is keen to move back to a more scenic rural atmosphere, and closer to a family she dearly loves.  She’s moving at month’s end, just a few weeks away; lots to do. 

Her current apartment is piled with boxes, some flattened, empty and waiting, some filled with fragile loved objects that must be moved by car and some waiting for the professional movers on the Big Day.  Her whole place smells like “eau de cardboard”.

Family will help her, but moving is still a work-filled change for her.  She is courageous and adventuresome so all will be well.

I hope she’ll be happier in her new apartment.  It’ll be busy at first, as there will be a flurry of --cleaning, unpacking, decorating, nest-making, and gardening.

We’ll see how it goes.  In the meantime, we are collecting cardboard boxes, newspapers, wrapping paper, sticky packing tape, sharp scissors, coloured markers and we’re packing, packing, packing…

 To learn more about issues around Lake Petitcodiac,  use the following  link.  http://lappa.ca/ 

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