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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Apple Blossoms

This week has been extra busy with little time to write.  Today we took a car drive along back-country roads to clear our heads and refresh our hearts.

I am fascinated by the beauty of the tree lined roads.  Thanks to sparse human population, the deciduous trees hug the shoulders, in all shades and sizes of green, leaves and blooms waving in the strong breezes, as we pass.  There is play in the patterns of shadow and sunlight.

Ferns dance in the ditches and at the edges of fields, tall, willowy, extravagant green touched with brown.  Long slender grasses undulate, quivering with new life.

The tamaracks are filling out again with supple green needles, looking healthier than their prickly winter selves.  Evergreens stand proud and dark in the deep woods.
The highlights of the drive are the overgrown and abandoned orchards.  The apple blossoms are out.  Loveliness!  Pale pinks and papery whites are sprinkled with delicate gold-dotted centres.   Rosy ripe buds unfurl on gnarled grey branches and grizzled trunks.  

I see the abandoned houses and tumbling barns of former homesteads, each reclaimed by nature; overgrown with creeping mosses and clutching vines, wind tossed weeds and small shrubs.  Human signs disappear, the natural world triumphs again.  And everywhere the apple orchards follow their own will and natural way, luxuriant flower heads nodding pink, rose, white.

We stop the car and open the windows.  The breeze gifts us with the blessed full fragrance of apple blossoms.  Delicate petals float and twirl in the air around us. 

Apple blossom magic!


Anonymous said...

We saw the same things today when we took our drive! Apple blossoms everywhere!

Carol Steel said...

It's a beautiful time to drive and enjoy the scenery in New Brunswick.

Anonymous said...

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