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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Wisdom comes from what
we learn from others and from
experience, [growing] to a point where it can be shared.

Spoken at the Legacy of Wisdom Conference, April 17, 2011

Most often I find my wisdom in hindsight.  I am seldom “wise” instantly; it is only in reflection that I learn and see my lessons.

What have I learned lately from others?

Make changes with optimism; what I expect is what I’ll get.

Listen before I give an opinion.

When I feel ready to give an opinion, don’t!  Listen again.

Everyone has the right to make his or her own decisions.

Do what I say I will do.

Help willingly without expectation of appreciation.

What have I learned lately from experience?

If I don’t care for my own needs, I soon become grumpy about looking after the needs of others.

There is nothing in life that is in my control, except my own self.

There is happiness to be found in sharing the joy of others.

I must seek to understand my self; cease expecting understanding from others, for they are on their own journeys.

All will be well in the end.

Gaining wisdom is often a hard slog for me.  I over-analyze ceaselessly often missing the clear and simple lessons in front of me, forgetting that some stuff “just is” and that there is no “why” for some situations.

It seems to be my path to worry and puzzle, then to rest and realize that wisdom is sitting right beside me, reading the paper, waiting for me to notice!


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All will be well, no need for worry!