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Friday, June 10, 2011

Gargoyle and Clematis

A tiny pensive gargoyle guards my clematis.  Each year he spends the winter in the basement, each spring he comes out and stays until the snow flies again, sitting with arms folded contemplating the garden’s changes.

He watches the clematis vines sprout and grow, climb and bud, and eventually burst into showy white flowers with deep pink bars. 

This particular Nelly Moser clematis did not over-winter well, suffering breakage from the excessive snow.  Consequently, the blooms that usually bud from the previous year’s vine stems will not be here.  The broken vine had to be cut back to deal with the storm damage; it has started over from the height of mere inches.  

This clematis vine is resilient and has managed to grow high enough so that the leaf tendrils are catching in the lattice work, providing a sturdy support to climb. 

The gargoyle will watch over the evolution of the garden this summer; if only he could encourage the clematis and help with the weeding.

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