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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day 2011

"Happy Father’s Day” wishes to each of the strong and gentle men, who so lovingly and capably parent our 10 grandchildren. 

To Jeff and Mike and Kevin—your children are all sweet little folks, so lovable, full of joy and life and fun because of each of you.

To Tim—your son is a delightful little boy nurtured by your obvious gifts as a dad.

To Dan—thank you for the ways you love these two children of yours.

To Kelly, who will soon become a step-dad to two marvellous teens, thank you for loving them.

Many folks are great dads without actually being the biological father.  When I grew up my mother was both mother and father to us, after her relationship to my Dad ended.  And my grandfather parented us, as any strict and caring father would.

Sometimes uncles are the best dads to nieces with no father presence in their lives.  Happy Father’s Day to you, Ken!

Sometimes “Dads”, strong and gentle folks who care for and nurture, shape and pattern, instruct and love young lives are dads; sometimes they are mums, grandparents, step-fathers and uncles, too.

Happy Father’s Day to all of you!

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