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Friday, June 10, 2011

Lady's Mantle

Lady's Mantle, with its large clumps of rounded downy leaves, is a charming addition to gardens. 

Huge spreading heads of tiny, star-like flowers surround the grayish-green foliage through most of the summer, forming the loose cloak that gives the plant the common name.

After the rainfall last night, water droplets linger on the leaves like glittering crystals.

Lady's Mantle is an undemanding plant that provides a delightful source of flowers for fresh and dried bouquets.

Lady's Mantle is really "Alchemilla Mollis."  Alchemilla comes from the word "alchemy" because when used as an herb, these plants are believed to bring about miraculous cures.

In some counties, for example, a tea made from the leaves is reputed to restore youth and beauty.

The species name "mollis" means "soft hairs" and refers to the light, downy covering in the leaves.

It's a rewarding plant in our garden, a gift from a dear friend!

Specific information on Lady's Mantle plants was taken from Lois Hole's Perennial Favourites published by Lone Pine Publishing in 1995.

Photos are mine.


Magpie said...

And it self seeds like crazy so it continues to reward!

Carol Steel said...

That's so true. I realy love this plant. It is so forgiving of the not-so-great spot in the garden. Carol