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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Odd and Interesting

Odd and Interesting

Our neighbours have a small secluded pond, where each year, a pair of mallards nests. The male mallard hangs around keeping an eye on the situation in the beginning stages.

He usually lurks in our yard seeking higher vantage points from which to survey the busy female and her nesting activities.  This year, he’s outdone himself.  We caught him perching on top of another neighbour’s roof…an odd and interesting resting spot for a mallard.

My Mum likes to take homemade cookies to her doctor’s appointments.  She likes her doctor and he loves her cookies.  He says they remind him of his grandmother’s cookies when he was a boy.

She was going to cancel her appointment tomorrow because she had no cookies to bring. Odd and interesting! 

Mum is in the throws of getting settled in her new apartment and the stove isn’t usable yet, so I made the cookies for her to take, this time. 

The recipe is: Aunt Marion’s Ginger Sparkles.  And I’ve actually witnessed the doctor gobbling the cookies in the hallway, outside the consultation rooms.

The images of the mallard and cookies are mine.

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