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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Life has got to be lived—that’s all there is to it.

What are birthdays?  Markers of time past, time passed, future time?  Celebrations of who we are, where we’ve been, where we’re going?  Parties, celebrations, festivities?

A birthday is a special time set aside to celebrate the wonderful, singular “presence of you in the world.”  It’s a day to search and reflect both backward and forward in life, and to have fun celebrating your self.

Gary has been observing his birthday festivities for quite a few days now.  D. gave him luggage bags for his bike on June 1; M. gave him a Las Vegas Harley T-shirt on June 9.  My mother and sister each gave him cards and a generous gift last week. 

L. & K. hosted him for a superb gourmet supper with a planked salmon BBQ and a much appreciated bottle of rum on June 26. 

His sister came to visit with a card and great hugs yesterday.  Our good friends made a wonderful chicken and spare rib supper last night, ending with strawberry shortcake and a chatty evening visit in their screened porch. After that, he spent nearly an hour on the phone getting caught up with his younger son.

His older son and daughter-in-law have invited him over for supper and a visit with the grandchildren next week.  Today, we’ll do whatever he wants and go out for a meal and a movie later.  There will be other contacts and more birthday wishes and surprises.

Gary has been well fussed over and will continue to be so for days to come.  At this rate, his birthday could last for weeks!

Life has got to be lived—that’s all there is to it.

Life’s passages have got to be celebrated—the more celebrations, the better!

For today, Happy Birthday to you, Gary!


Anonymous said...

Thank You. This blog is wonderful G

Anonymous said...

happy,happy,happy B., GARY !!!! W.